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From here you can access all the goodies we have to help you
on your musical journey.

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Useful Download.

Many of our new demos and play alongs use an add-on
called Sibelius Scorch. We highly recommend that you install it soon.

You can download it from here.

Info about the site.

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Student Resources -

Use this link to open all the goodies in student resources.
Things like song charts, drum backings and more.
When you click on the link you'll be taken to a new tab
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This way you can go back and forward between
the book and practice pages.  

Musical Brain -

The aim of these drills to increase your fun
from music. Because you'll understand the
sounds of music more you'll have more fun.  

The two main areas we'll be working on are
pitch and rhythm.
Having better rhythm will help you keep your
playing at a constant pace.
You'll also learn to read basic note values,
so you'll be able to read strum patterns more
Having a better ear will help you learn songs
from CD's. How cool would it be to listen to a CD
and then be able to play it?

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