Soprano Vocal Warm Ups

The red notes are the notes you sing. The numbers above the notes are the scale numbers for each note.

The black notes are the piano backing. The first note is played 4 times to give you your starting pitch.

  • Number 1.
  • Single Five Note Scale.
  • Hum and Vowel.
  • Never Never Never No.
  • Messa Di Voce.
  • Interval - 5th.
Sing with each part of the exercise - up and down with hums; and then up and down with a vowel.
Create your hum sound so it may be felt on the lips, not too strongly.
Keep the two sounds 'connected' - e.g. hum-then-ah sounds like you're saying "MA"
Using a medium level of volume, sing each scale while using the lower support muscles.
Ensure each slow, deep inhalation is taken low into the lngs, and the exhale is controlled.