Alignment and Balance.

We use the whole body to sing!

Warm up, whole body movements.

•    Bouncing up and down
•    Stretch up and slowly roll head down towards feet
•    Shoulder rolls
•    Wiggle hips and ankles

To sing well the body needs balance we need to think about the head, neck, shoulders, spine, knees and
ankles check there is no tension as tension is not good for singing.

As we work with the body’s alignment and balance new feelings can feel strange but not uncomfortable. 
STOP if you feel discomfort.


•    Move weight forward over the heels, where is the tension?
•    Move weight backwards over the heels, where is the tension?
•    Now move so weight is over the arches of the feet.

Necks can often pushing forward to help stop this try...

1)    Imagine you have a trap door at the back of your head, imagine when singing that the sound is coming out of the back of that door.
2)    Now imagine that your hands are the doors, place on back of head and as singing open the doors.
3)    Remember to soften your neck and check shoulders are not lifting.


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Alignment and Balance