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M U S I C A L B R A I N . R h y t h m .
Bandwa gon Mu s i c S t ud i o s
Rhythm in Music
In music different shapes of notes are used to
show different lengths of time.
The first thing to understand is that each shape
has one thing in common - they all mean to make a
sound. So you have to make a noise each time you
see a note.
The second thing to understand is that each
different shape will ring for a different length of time.
Some will ring for a long time while others will ring for
a short time.
To show short or long notes we use the different
The different parts that can be used to make the
shape of a note are the –
  
- the round part which can be left “open” or “closed”.
Can also be a “slash” shape which is used for guitar rhythms. Our examples will use a mixture of
normal head and slash head shapes.
- the stick part.
- the squiqqly bit that can go on the end of stems.
- tails can be joined to form a beam.