Walk and Clap - No Clap

Please do these two things -
1. Start off by walking on the count. Make the feet walk ON the count - like marching.
2. Then add in counting out loud.
You should be now doing both at the same time!!!!

Remember to start slowly - as you get better try the faster speeds.
To help a student get the idea a helper can hold the students hands and “walk” the hands in time.
This will show the student how to march in count.
When you feel super comfortable try counting in your head.

Other exercises.

Clap on Count 1

Clap on Count 2

Clap on Count 3

Clap on Count 4

Clap on Count 1 and 2

Clap on Count 1 and 3

Clap on Count 2 and 4

Clap on Count 2 and 3

Clap on Count 3 and 4

  • 40 BPM.
  • 50 BPM.
  • 60 BPM.
  • 70 BPM.
  • 80 BPM.
  • 90 BPM
  • 100 BPM.
  • 110 BPM
  • 120 BPM

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