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Making Music Videos 2011 Sunday

Vocal Quartet.

Robyn Whelan - Vocals
Ruth Greening - Vocals
Liz James - Vocals
Joan Rigby - Vocals

Mama Mia  (ABBA)
Top of the World  (The Carpenters)
Copacabana  (Barry Manilow)
Rock Me  (ABBA)

How lovely to hear four voices working together.

What an amzing acapella take on the ABBA classic. This
version was arranged by Louise. It certainly grabbed our 
attention with all the different parts that were singing.

The quartet sings Mamma Mia acapella style. 

Rock Gods.

Matt - Vocals
Lachlan Bradley - Guitar
Arran McNamara - Guitar
Madi Monro - Guitar
Jon - Bass
Cameron - Drums

Sweet Home Alabama (Lynyrd Skynyrd) 
Joker and the Thief (Wolfmother)
Enter Sandman (Metallica)
This is War (30 Seconds to Mars)
Stairway to Heaven (Led Zeppelin)

An amazing band of young players playing some of the
greatest songs in rock history. And they played them
And to make it even more amazing this was their first
time performing together.

Stairway to Heaven by the Rock Gods.


Ruth Greening - Vocals

Yesterday   (The Beatles)
As Tears Go By   (Marianne Faithful)
These Boots   (Nancy Sinatra)

Once again Ruth did a great job with her vocals. Very
smooth and rich. It's always a pleasure to hear her
sing, especailly as she is constantly improving.

Here is her version of These Boots.


Joan Rigby - Vocals

SOS  (ABBA - duet with Liz)
Superstar  (The Carpenters)
Night Fever  (Bee Gees)

Joan has a great stage presence and looks like a natural 
performer when she is singing.

Watch Joan sing Superstar.


Rhody Wilson - Vocals & Guitar

The Ocean  (John Butler)
Hurt  (Johnny Cash)
Father and Son   (Cat Stevens)
Hallelujah    (Jeff Buckley)

Another hard working student who is getting fantastic
results. Rhody has grown out of sight the last two years
to become an all round performer. His amazing vocals are
truly complimented by his equally amazing guitar

Watch Hallelujah.


Robyn Whelan - Vocals
Liz James - Vocals

Rivers of Babylon   (Boney M)
Thank You for Loving Me   (Jacqui Trent)
Words   (Bee Gees - duet with Liz)

Robyn is one of our favourite performers. She chooses lovely
songs and always performs them super well. It's great to
hear the improvement in her voice after all her hard work.

Here Robyn performs Rivers of Babylon.


Rock Lobsters.

Matt - Vocals
Ruth Greening - Vocals
Mitch Braund - Guitar
Vince Walsh - Guitar
Paul - Bass Guitar
Cameron - Drums

Tequila Sunrise (The Eagles)
Lightning Crashes (Live)
The Letter    (The Boxtops)
Dead or Alive (Bon Jovi)
You Shook Me  (AC/DC)

A new band this year built around the classic two guitar
format. Also great was the addition of an extra singer in
The band played a great mix of easy listeners mixed
with some hard rock by AC/DC.

Watch the band perform Lightning Crashes.


Liz James - Vocals

By The Time I get to Phoenix    (Glen Campbell)
Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps   (Doris Day)

Liz always puts on a great show. Plenty of great singing
coupled with her fun attitude makes for a very entertaining

Here she sings By the Time I Get to Phoenix.


The Flying Silvermen.

Ray Purcell - Vocals & Guitar
Liz James - Vocals
Robyn Whelan - Vocals
Michael McNamara - Guitar
Paul - Bass Guitar
Cameron - Drums

Bye Bye Love  (The Everly Brothers)
California Blue  (Roy Orbison)
Cats in the Cradle  (Harry Chapin)
Proud Mary  (Creedence)
Old Time Rock n Roll  (Bob Seger)

It was great to see so many singers get involved in this
band. This lead to great variety and some fantastic singing
combinations. For all of them it was their first experience
in a band. They all found it a load of fun.
We'll just have to get Michael to stretch his vocal cords now!

Here is the band doing California Blue.

The Chosen Legacy.

Christian Rizalli - Vocals & Guitar
Drew Taylor -  Guitar
Dom Dougherty - Drums

Are We the Waiting     (Greenday)
Saint Jimmy    (Greenday)
Fire it Up    (Black Label Society)
That Was Just Your Life    (Metallica)

That's what I call rock n roll!! Even in front of a small
crowd they gave their all with heaps of high energy. Add
this to their loads of talent and you have an amazing band
to listen to and watch. 

The Torture Within. An original by The Chosen Legacy.


Peter Cranstoun - Vocals and guitar
Cameron - Guitar
Louise - Vocals

Julies House   (Leo Kottke)
Man on the Moon  (REM)
3 and 4 is 7  (Peter Cranstoun)
Mona Roy  (Leo Kottke)
Sleepwalk  (Santo and Johnny)

What a fantastic set - a mixture of vocals and instrumentals,
and all beautifully performed. Peter absolutely loves his music
and it shows when he's on stage. He wrote 3 and 4 is 7
- a clever instrumental piece.

Watch Peter performing Julies House.


Amanda Hefez - Vocals
Cameron - Guitar

Bubbly (Colbie Caillat)
Big Yellow Taxi (Joni Mitchell)
Love Hurts (Joan Jett)
Price Tag (Jessie J)
Buses and Trains (Bachelor Girl)

A great set of acoustic numbers by Amanda. Once again her
vocals were spot on. She has a very strong and sincere voice
which she really showed off at this gig.

Watch Amandas version of Love Hurts.



Allysia Hefez - Vocals & guitar
Cameron - Guitar

Hearts Burst into Fire   (Bullet for My Valentine)
My Hero  (Paramore)
If You Believe Me   (Reliant K)
I Don’t Love  (My Chemical Romance)
Wherever You Will   (The Calling)

Allysia was in excellent form for the gig. Her vocals were
powerful and clear. Most of us couldn't believe she would
last the two sets!!! But she still had plenty of oommpphh

Here is Allysia performing My Hero.


Allysia Hefez - Vocals & guitar
Matt Finley - Guitar
Cameron - Bass
Jordan Finley - Drums

All I Want   (A Day to Remember)
Ignorance  (Paramore)
Playing God  (Paramore)
If it Means a Lot to You  (A Day to Remember)
The Kill  (30 Seconds to Mars)

A fantastic band! Three very talented and hard working
band members make for an awesome outfit. All three
really excel at their instruments.
They are now getting ready to become a performing
band with another friend on bass.

All I Want by A Day to Remember.