What is Jamming Club?

The Jamming Club is the perfect place for the emerging performer to get started. It is a joint project between Bandwagon Music Studios and Fine Tune Singing aimed at getting musicians performing.

We find a local open mic and join in with them. Sad to say the Prince of Wales has stopped doing the open mics and we are in limbo. Hopefully soon we'll find another venue and be up and running strong as ever.

The jams are very casual, with the emphasis on having fun. There is no pressure of a large audience, although there will be some people watching. These are other students, families and friends – so the audience is always very supportive.

The jams are limited to "acoustic" groups like soloists, duos and trios, so there won't be any drums or electric guitars. All levels of expertise are welcome.

You can choose which songs you would like to do. You can play on your own, with a friend, with another student or with a teacher. You can play guitar and sing, sing to backing tracks or have one of the teachers help you out.


Make sure you are well practiced before the performance. You want to really enjoy yourself, so lots of hard work will go a long way to guaranteeing this.

Work hard on your songs. Learn the sections. Learn the arrangement. You can still use your books when we play but aim to almost know the songs off by heart.

Performers must be totally practiced and prepared for their session. Remember, you are playing with other musicians now, so any time you take to figure things out that you could have practiced, it's time out of their day as well. This also means turning up to your session early e.g. 10-15 minutes before the start time.

Why it is useful

These jams sessions are a great step for those who are looking to get up in front of an

You get to play with other students of the same level, and being able to play confidently with other musicians is a great skill to have.