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Learn to play like a pro with our comprehensive guitar lessons in Brisbane

Learn rock, metal, pop, blues and jazz guitar styles.
Be taught to play chords, riffs and solos to your favourite songs.
Learn on electric or acoustic guitar.

Whether you are into rock, pop, metal, blues, country or jazz, you’ll learn to play all of your favourite songs with a Bandwagon Music guitar teacher on the northside of Brisbane. We are passionate about music and have developed a teaching method that allows you to really understand what you are playing and learn all of the essentials from playing chords and riffs to gaining the confidence and skills needed to perform a solo.

We provide our guitar lessons throughout Kedron and the northside of Brisbane and can cater to any skill level from beginners all the way to advanced. Whether you simply want to learn a new hobby and check an item of your bucket list or are seriously contemplating a career in music, our guitar teachers can offer the support you need.

We welcome future musicians of all ages providing guitar lessons for children, teenagers and adults. Our staff are friendly, helpful and are able to tailor their class structure to help you improve any areas you may find difficult. This makes our studio the perfect place to find a guitar teacher for children on the northside. We all have experience with playing in bands so we can easily prepare you for your performances with other students.

If you would like to find out more information or would like to make a booking here at the studio, please get in touch with us today on 07 3359 9564.

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  • Junior

Chords 1

The whole aim of this level is turn you into a competent busker / party / BBQ type player. Imagine the fun you will have with your family and friends playing a few songs. We work on basic open chords and strum patterns. One of the big stumbling blocks for beginners is changing chords. We have a unique way of getting beginners through this. The tricks and exercises will have you changing chords like a pro before you know it.

Resource Examples -

Contents Contents (64 KB)

Goals and Core Songs Goals and Core Songs (58 KB)

Finger Groups Finger Groups (100 KB)

Major Chords Major Chords (83 KB)

Strum Patterns Strum Patterns (81 KB)

Web Practice Page Examples -

7th Chord Review.

Finger Group Review.

Fast Strum 3.

Chords 2

The skills in level 2 will make you an even better busker / party style guitarist. In fact you will become a super competent rhythm guitarist. So if you want to join a band then at the end of this level you can do it. We cover some "strum magic" that will add loads of flair to your playing.The main goals of this level are to learn bar chords, advanced strumming tricks and bass chord picking.

Resource Examples -

Contents Contents (76 KB)

Chords 2 Goals and Core Songs Chords 2 Goals and Core Songs (56 KB)

Bar Chord Intro Bar Chord Intro (113 KB)

Bass & Chord Strumming Bass & Chord Strumming (113 KB)

E Shape Bar Chords E Shape Bar Chords (55 KB)

Strum Magic Strum Magic (229 KB)

Web Practice Page Examples -

E Shape Exercise.

Chords 3

Now's when it gets real fancy. The main goal of this level is to turn you into a monster chord player in the rock style. Things learnt will include the CAGED system of chords, chord adders, "barless" bar chords, fingerpicking. Heaps of cool chord-hand and strum-hand tricks that will take your chord playing to a whole new level.

Resource Examples -

Contents Contents (76 KB)

Goals and Core Songs Goals and Core Songs (55 KB)

CAGED System for Chords CAGED System for Chords (71 KB)

Chord Adders Chord Adders (107 KB)

Finger Picking Finger Picking (123 KB)

Web Practice Page Examples -

5 Chord Shapes (CAGED).

Chords 4

This level looks at the world of jazz chords. While you might only want to play rock style chords this will show some of those chords that have crept over from jazz. We all love the sound of the "Hendrix chord" from songs like Foxy Lady - well that's a jazz chord. Other songs include Moondance, Tropicalia and a few songs by the Chili Peppers. Or maybe you want to become a jazz nut!! We can definitely help with that as well.

Resource Examples -

Contents Contents (70 KB)

Goals and Core Songs Goals and Core Songs (50 KB)

Basic Jazz Chords Basic Jazz Chords (84 KB)

Major 7 Chords Major 7 Chords (100 KB)

Minor 7 Inversions Minor 7 Inversions (70 KB)

Web Practice Page Examples -


Lead 1

Many rock songs have a "riff" - that cool guitar part at the beginning. Think of songs like Smoke on the Water, Enter Sandman, She's a Genius and 7 Nation Army. This level teaches you the elements of being a good riff player. There are scales in different places on the guitar. As well there is a whole section dedicated to guitar techniques. These skill builders will let you do things like hammer ons, flick offs, bending, tapping.

Resource Examples -

Contents Contents (59 KB)

Goals and Core Songs Goals and Core Songs (52 KB)

Minor Pentatonic - E Shape Minor Pentatonic - E Shape (71 KB)

Minor Pentatonic - Open Fingerings Minor Pentatonic - Open Fingerings (74 KB)

Riff Examples Riff Examples (61 KB)

Technique - Slurring Technique - Slurring (97 KB)

Web Practice Page Examples -


Lead 2

Now we move onto soloing or lead playing. Imagine learning how to play some cool solos and learning how to make up your own solos. Soloing is one of the greatest joys of guitar playing! In this level you will learn the most commonly used scales in rock - the minor pentatonic and the major pentatonic. We will show you them in their most used positions. There is no over study of scale shapes and positions that aren't commonly used - why learn things that are rarely used? We cover just the essentials for rocking out.

Resource Examples -

Contents Contents (77 KB)

Goals and Core Songs Goals and Core Songs (51 KB)

A Shape Licks A Shape Licks (46 KB)

E Shape Licks E Shape Licks (46 KB)

Major Pentatonic Major Pentatonic (99 KB)

Minor Pentatonic - A Shape Minor Pentatonic - A Shape (60 KB)

Minor Pentatonic - E Shape Minor Pentatonic - E Shape (57 KB)

Web Practice Page Examples -

E Shape Minor Pentatonic Warm Up.

Backing Tracks - Rock On.

Lead 3

This is an accompanying book to lead level 2. The book is full of cool solos and licks that are from the minor and major pentatonic scales. It is to be used as a library of licks to build solos with. First we learn some "cliche" licks.

This example plays the cliche licks using Enter Sandman as the backing. This shows you how useful and versatile the licks are. You can use them to make an awesome solo for any backing.

Cliches used as a solo to Enter Sandman Cliches used as a solo to Enter Sandman (376 KB)

Then we learn licks from all the great players over the years. Players like Jimi Hendrix, Slash, Angus Young, Pink Floyd, Eric Clapton, Metallica and Stevie Ray Vaughan. For each player there is one of their solos and a few of their licks.

The second half of the book looks at all the licks in their respective scale choice. Now you have a huge choice of licks for each scale and position.

Resource Examples -

Goals and Core Songs Goals and Core Songs (51 KB)

Contents Contents (76 KB)

Cliche Licks Cliche Licks (102 KB)

Hendrix Study Hendrix Study (195 KB)

Minor Pentatonic - E Shape Study Minor Pentatonic - E Shape Study (524 KB)

Web Practice Page Examples -


Lead 4

Here is the holy grail of soloing and thankfully shown in an unbelievably easy way to follow. There is no over explanation - just plain, easy to follow information and diagrams. Modes are just an extension of the pentatonics. So all that work done previously plus a couple of new notes and you have them! The book again follows great players. There are some of their songs, solos and licks from all the main modes.

Resource Examples -

Aeolian mode Aeolian mode (48 KB)

Dorian mode Dorian mode (48 KB)

Major modes E shape Major modes E shape (47 KB)

Minor modes E shape Minor modes E shape (56 KB)

Web Practice Page Examples -


Here is the section dedicated to our younger guitar players.

There is plenty to look at and to play with.

The juniors work on chords and strumming, playing some easy songs to get those fingers working very well.

As well juniors learn how to read and play TAB. Songs here include some cool rock riffs, some longer songs and solfa songs.

There is also the musical brain section that helps students to get their sense of pitch and rhythm working much better.

Resource Examples -

Junior TAB Junior TAB (66 KB)

Junior Chords Junior Chords (219 KB)

Musical Brain Rhythm Musical Brain Rhythm (61 KB)

Musical Brain Pitch Musical Brain Pitch (340 KB)

Web Practice Page Examples -

Musical Brain - Clap on Count 1 and 3

Musical Brain - Copy that Pitch

TAB - Cool Riffs

Chords - C and G7


This is a great article showing why we do such a good job teaching guitar here at Bandwagon -

50 Ways to Improve Your Playing 50 Ways to Improve Your Playing (120 KB)