How Green We Are.

Bandwagon is quite a green work place.

We do things like -

1. Reuse our photocopy duds as note paper.
2. Recycle our paper and cardboard - we have a dedicated  
    paper bin that we pay for.
3. Recycle our drink cans.
4. We have a Planet Ark bin for our used printer cartridges.
    When this is full it gets posted back to Planet Ark for recycling.
5. Keep our string packets and send them back to the
    manufacturer for the bonus points.
    Although the main reason we choose D'addario strings
    is because of their quality, another part of it is because
    of their frugal packaging.
6. We have installed energy saving light bulbs in as many
    places as possible. We also turn off lights when not
    needed. In some places we have two sets of lights on the
    same switch, so we had an electrician install a special
    switch on the second light so we can turn it off when it's
    not needed.
7. We encourage minimum use of the air conditioners.