GPA Audio Player Demo

This document demonstrates the basic usage of the Go PlayAlong Audio Player.

Player Preview

Synth Player


The API package has to be uploaded on a webserver that's name is listed in the domain lock list. Currently the domain lock list contains 'localhost', '' and ''. Further domains can be added if required. The purpose of the domain lock technique is to prevent unauthorized publication of the player on other websites.

The web page that embeds the player must reference the gpa/gpa-audio-2.9.js file in the HTML header:

<script src="gpa/gpa-audio-2.9.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

Getting Started

Create an empty block ( e.g. a div or p element ) in the HTML body with a custom id attached. Optionally you can include some text inside the block to be displayed in case the end user's browser doesn't meet the requirements.

<p id='gpa-container'>
    You need Flash player 10+ and JavaScript enabled to load this tab.
    <a href=''>Click here to download the latest Flash player.</a>

Add an onload event handler to your HTML body that will initialize the player.

<body onload="onLoad()">

Initialize the player in the onload event handler by calling the gpaEmbedPlayer JavaScript function.

function onLoad() { gpaEmbedAudio( containerId, trackXmlUrl ); }

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