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Notes Level 1
Bandwa gon Mu s i c S t ud i o s
Welcome to the first level of reading notes for
The aim for this level is to teach you how to be a
good basic music reader.
Being able to read music will allow you to play any
song – not just songs in TAB. One great example
is being able to play songs that have been written
for other instruments.
There is a lot of information and many exercises
contained in this book. Take your time to move
slowly and surely through the book. Be sure to
read and understand all information, and to
master each and every exercise. The information
and exercises have been designed to give you a
rounded knowledge of note reading and an
introduction to proper technique. Complete
mastery of each page will pay big dividends to
your playing.
We will apply this knowledge and the technique to
only a few songs, which serve as examples for
many other songs. For each song example there
are hundreds of thousands of other songs, which
can be played using the same techniques.
So the mastery of a few songs will have a massive
flow on effect.