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Notes Level 1
Bandwa gon Mu s i c S t ud i o s
Eighth Notes
Remember that it takes two eighths to equal one quarter -
When there are two eighths together the tails
of them are usually joined. This makes it easier
to read the timing (you can easily see the
eighths grouped in quarters – just play two
notes instead of one picking down then up). The
music also looks neater.
You should be careful to use the correct
picking – down and up for eighths. The down
pick is used on the note which is on the beat,
while the up pick is for the other note.
The following exercises will help you to play in
time with the correct note values.
Be sure to always be counting.
Use the rhythm Patterns two ways –
Play the same ‘Rhythm Pattern’ on one
note and then change to the next note
going up and down the first three
Play a different ‘Rhythm Pattern’ one
after the other on one note only.
Four Crotchet Beats