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Notes Level 1
Bandwa gon Mu s i c S t ud i o s
How to Play Rests
Rests are when you are to make no sound on
your instrument. They are a rest from the
sound of notes. Rests use different shapes to
show different lengths of silence. Just as
different shaped notes showed different
lengths of sound. Here are the main rest
Shape of Note:
To play rests you must stop the strings from
vibrating. You can do this by using either hand.
Picking Hand.
All you have to do here is rest
the palm of your picking hand against the
strings and they will stop vibrating. Do this
gently as you could easily make a noise as you
place your palm down with too much pressure.
Note Hand.
There are two ways to make
rests with this hand.
If you have a finger on a note then
relax the pressure and this will stop
the strings vibrating. Be careful not to
lift the finger off completely as you
could vibrate the string as you lift your
finger off.
If the note is an open string then you
will have to rest a finger against the
string and it will stop vibrating. Don’t
do this with too much pressure as you
could make a noise.
Play through the exercises using each of the
methods for making rests.