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Lead Level 2
Bandwagon Mus i c Studi os
Here you use only the scales and boxes for
chord 1 and then find notes within these
fingerings that match each chord change.
This time we don't change key when the
chords change. Your lead will be based on the
same scales and boxes but as the chords
change you must emphasize notes of these
fingerings that match that chord.
Check these diagrams of the E and A shape
scales that show the notes for chords 1. 4 and
The diagrams show which notes are the target
Try the exercise at the end of each set of
diagrams to help cement the idea. The
exercise has an excerpt of a common lick
ending on the tonic note for chord 1, then the
lick ending on the target for chord 4 and the
lick ending on the target for chord.