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Lead Level 2
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Welcome to lead level 2.
Here you will concentrate on soloing or lead
playing where you are "improvising" over chords.
Improvising is where you make up something to
fit over the chords. It is usually different each
time you play the song. The solo is created as you
These are the main areas that you should
concentrate on to become a good lead player.
Scales. You must be familiar with the scales
that are used by all lead guitarists. You
should know how to finger them and also know
the sound that they produce. This level is
dedicated to the study of scales used
commonly in soloing.
Technique. We started technique work in lead
level 1. You should still be working on your
drills to increase your confidence, strength
and dexterity. Also work on increasing your
Licks. These are the small lead ideas you
must learn and put together to form lead
breaks. Licks and riffs are similar but for the
sake of definition we will call licks small lead
ideas, while riffs will be the identifiable part
of a song. The study of licks will be covered
in level 3.
Muscianship. Here you will study areas
common to all musicians e.g. ear training and