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The Frets.
The part of the neck where we place our fingers to
play is called the fingerboard or fretboard.
When you look at the fingerboard on the guitar you
will see that are pieces of metal all the way along.
These pieces of metal are called fret wires. In
between each of these fret wires is called a fret.
We put our fingers in these frets when we play the
The fret closest to the neck is fret number 1. The
fret numbers get higher as you move towards the
body of the guitar. As you move towards the body
you’ll notice that the sound gets higher. Because the
sounds get higher we call this going up the guitar. Of
course when you move towards the head it is called
going down the guitar.
When you play the guitar with no fingers on this is
called the zero fret or the open fret.
Notice that in the same fret you could put a finger
on each of the strings e.g. you can play fret 1 on
string1, fret 1 on string 2, fret 1 on string 3, fret 1
on string 4, fret 1 on string 5 and fret 1 on string 6.