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The thumb should be reasonably straight all the
time. It doesn’t have to perfectly straight - just
reasonably straight. Sometimes it will lean a little
more towards the neck or it will lean a little more
towards the body of the guitar, but it should always
be standing up.
Though the thumb should maintain this upright
position it may move from being right around the
back of the neck to popping over the top of the
neck. Both positions are used in rock guitar playing.
If you watch guitarists as they play you’ll notice
that they change the shape of their hand to make
playing different parts of a song easier. You have to
experiment with the position of your thumb and the
shape of your hand as you are playing. Find the best
shape for the things you are playing at the time.
To make sure that your fingers are around the front
of the guitar keep thinking that your knuckles
should be around the front of the guitar. This way
you’ll have full use of the length of your fingers.
Your fingers should now be able to curl around the
front of the fret board and hit the strings in a
hammer like action. Use only the tips of your
Though we say that you should use the tips of your
fingers there are many ways of doing this. The same
way that the thumb will vary its shape and position
to suit what you’re playing.
You can have the first joint of your finger standing
perfectly straight.
Other times your finger will lean over more towards
the ceiling. Your knuckle will be further over than
the tip of your finger.
Notice the diagrams above. For some fingers you can
see the nail, other times you can’t see the nail of the
finger. When you can’t see the nail this means the
finger is leaning over past straight.
This is very common for finger two. By leaning
finger two over there will be enough room for finger
three to get on properly.
The fingers can also lean more towards the floor.
Other times the finger will come from an angle
leaning from the end of the guitar.
Each time though the finger is on its tip, but finding
the correct position for what you are playing.