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Chords Leve l 2
Bandwa gon Mu s i c S t ud i o s
The chords G and Em are chords I to vi in the
key of G, so we can use the same ideas in all keys.
(The connecting note is note vii of the key).
Another popular key for this bass run is the key
of C where C is chord I and Am is chord vi and of
course we use note vii (a B note) as the joining
bass note. Again we can use this connecting bass
note in either standout or hidden method. The
trick to playing in the key of C is to use exactly
the same bass work as G and Em only do the work
on string 5.
When playing the hidden method there are three
common chord choices to go with the B bass note
- C/B, G/B and Em/B. The first choice of C/B can
sound clashy while the other two sound fine
because the B note is a natural note from their
chord construction.
The following examples start with the standout
method and then the three examples of hidden
(Once you mastered these examples for C and
Am try doing this bass runs between F and Dm
using the fourth string. The connecting bass note
would be an E note. Work out the standout and
hidden bass runs for yourself.)
“Standout” Bass Run
“Hidden” Bass Run - using C/B
“Hidden” Bass Run - using G/B
“Hidden” Bass Run - using Em/B