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Chords Leve l 2
Bandwa gon Mu s i c S t ud i o s
D / F#
Try these different fingerings for the D/F#
chord. Remember you are playing the D chord
with an F# bass note. There are two F#’s
available in the bass strings - string 6 fret 2
and string 4 fret 4. This chord is often used
two frets higher which would give the name of
E/G# and is used in such songs as Angie by the
Rolling Stones and Tears in Heaven by Eric
Each fingering is a good fingering because they
give you the right chord with the right bass
note. Choose the best fingering for each
different situation you come across in songs.
Look for the fingering that will make your
chord hand finger movements the easiest and
The first three fingerings keep the D
chord intact and add the F# bass note on
string 6 fret 2. The first fingering is
interesting as it uses the thumb to play the
bass note.
The next two fingerings take fingers away
from the D chord to play the F# bass note.
Obviously this will change the colour of the
chord. The change of colour is sometimes not
noticeable, though other times it stands out
very clearly. Decide if this new colour fits in or
whether you have to do one of the fingerings
that keeps the chord intact. Sometimes the
change of colour is note an issue because you
will only be playing the strings your fingers are
The last fingering adds the F# bass note on
string 4 fret 4.
T X O 1 3 2
X 1 X O 2 3 4
1 X 1 1 2 1