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Chords Leve l 2
Bandwa gon Mu s i c S t ud i o s
Lets start with the chords of G and Em.
Remember both chords have their tonic note on
string 6. G is in fret 3 while Em is open. So the
obvious connecting bass note would be either
fret 2 or 1. We’ll use fret 2 because it has a
more standard sound.
“Standout” Bass Run
“Hidden” Bass Run
The G chord with an F# connecting bass (G/F#)
can sound clashy. Especially if you play the chord
on its own. In a progression the clash is not so
noticeable. The clashy sound is because the F#
bass note is not a natural note of the G chord. To
get around this you can use chords that have the
F# as a natural part of their sound e.g. D where
the F# is note 3 or Bm where the F# is note 5.
Check out the chord diagrams for D/F# and
Bm/F#, and then try the examples. Notice D/F#
has many fingering options. Practice them all so
that you can play them. One or two of them will
be your favourites but the others will come in
handy in different songs. Make sure to listen to
their sounds.