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Chords Leve l 2
Bandwa gon Mu s i c S t ud i o s
2. Flick Off. The reverse to a hammer on. It is
a good idea to think of flick offs as “pick offs”
- you are picking the new note with your note
hand. There are two types of flick offs.
A simple flick off is when you pick a note and
then lift that finger off to sound the next
note. This will usually give a weak sounding
second note.
The second type is where you pick a note but
this time as you lift off give the string a small
flick to sound the next note.
Flick offs are also known as pull offs.
Another legato trick is the flick off - the
opposite to the hammer on. Again the note
hand is going to make a note sound. Quite often
these are called pull offs.
Start by picking a note that has a finger on,
then flick the finger off to re-pick the string.
As you flick the finger off you grab the string
with your fingertip and use this to pick the
A good way to picture flick offs is to think of
them as pick offs - you are actually picking
with your chord hand.
The abbreviation for flick off is FO or
sometimes P (standing for pull off).
Firstly to an open string.
Now to a fingered note.