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Chords Leve l 2
Bandwa gon Mu s i c S t ud i o s
This time we dress up the bass by using what
are called legato or slurring. This means to
make another sound without picking it. Slurring
is used by other musicians e.g. singers when
they get more than one note using only one
1. Hammer On. After picking a note you use only
the force of a note-hand finger to make the
next note sound.
The action of a hammer on is similar to
hammering a nail in. You must swing the hammer
quickly, with force and direct it well to make
the nail go in.
So the action of your hammering finger must
be quick, strong and well directed to sound the
next note.
It is a good idea to think of this as a “pick on” -
you are picking the new note with your note
These exercises are written playing each finger
only once but each finger can be repeated
either four times or twice.
The abbreviation for hammer ons is H or
sometimes HO.
Here are some hammer examples. Try them with the fingers shown. Also try on other strings.
Firstly from an open string.
Now from a fingered note.