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Chords Level 2
Bandwa gon Mu s i c S t ud i o s
Welcome to chords level 2.
Firstly congratulations on finishing level 1. It
takes a lot of work to get that done.
This level is split into three main areas –
Bar chords.
Strum magic.
Bass / chord strumming.
Bar chords is a new way to play chords on the
guitar. They are the chords you see people
playing up and down the whole neck. These
chords look cool and sound great as well.
Strum magic is about taking your strumming to
a more interesting level. There a lots of tricks
to learn as well as new strum patterns.
Bass / chord strumming is a whole new
approach to strumming. Again it adds new
flavours to your guitar playing.
All styles of guitar music use these three new
techniques. So they are some more essential
tools to help you have more fun on the guitar.