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Chords Leve l 2
Bandwa gon Mu s i c S t ud i o s
Finger style.
The finger style will give a quite and mellow
touch to your strumming. It will also start to
train your fingers for the technique of
fingerpicking. You could sometimes use your
middle and ring fingers instead of your index
finger. This will also help towards fingerpicking.
Your hand will be basically still with your thumb
and fingers moving - much like a crab.
Take note of these important points -
1. Use your thumb for bass notes and
your first finger for strumming the
chord strings.
2. The general shape of your picking
hand is the thumb pointing out to the
side with your fingers pointing down
towards the floor. A good way to get
this shape is to make a stop sign with
your hand and then roll it over on top
of the strings.
3. Movement of your thumb should be
circular from the hand with your
thumb knuckle locked.
4. The first finger should move from the
first knuckle (nearest the hand).
Move the finger in a straight line in
and out from your palm. Like you
are calling someone to come to you.
You should not lock your fingers and
move from the wrist. The wrist
will have to move slightly though
only to position the hand over the
correct strings.
5. As in pick style, though this time it is
your fingers, don't let them dig past
the strings. Skim them across the