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Chords Leve l 2
Bandwa gon Mu s i c S t ud i o s
Here is a look at the three different strum
hand techniques you can use for bass-chord
Here is an important point to remember -
1. The bass strings should be louder than the
chord. The reasons for this are that the bass
is the fancy part of bass-chord strumming, and
the bass notes have to ring and be heard even
when you are strumming the chord. The bass
notes must “connect” to each other.
Pick style.
1. Remember to hold the pick correctly
i.e. between the thumb and finger 1.
2. Don't dig the pick past the strings
towards the sound hole. The pick
should be skimming across the
3. You can strum with either your elbow
keeping the hand and fingers still, or
your wrist keeping your thumb and
finger still, or your thumb and finger
keeping the hand mostly still.
4. Because the basic difference between
normal strumming and bass-chord
strumming is the first strum changed
to a bass note then make your wrist
move as you would for strumming
and pull your hand away so that you
only hit the bass string.
5. Pick direction will be shown for each
Pick and finger style.
This method only uses the pick and finger two.
The pick and finger style is often used to play
rock and blues riffs and songs.
Take note of these important points -
1. Use the pick for bass notes and your
finger two for the chord strings.
2. Again use your knuckles to make the
movements. Hold the hand still and
work the fingers.