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Chords Leve l 2
Bandwa gon Mu s i c S t ud i o s
Here are examples of mixing the techniques learnt so far.
Example 1. Combining rake with an accent on count 1.
Example 2. Combining rake with an accent on count 2.
(d) Deadened Chord.
As the names implies the sound of the chord is
“deadened”. There is no proper sound of the
chord but rather a “thunky” or “chicka-chicka”
sound. You keep strumming while your chord
hand makes the deadened chord.
Two symbols are used for deadened chord.
Either an x is used instead of the normal head
of the note or a slash is put through the head
of the note.
When playing bar chords you would mostly do
deadened chord by relaxing the chord hand
while strumming. You could use this for chords
that play all the strings or power chords.
When playing open chords there is the problem
of not having a finger on all the strings. So
when you relax the chord fingers these strings
will stop ringing but the open strings will keep
ringing. To mute the open strings use either a
spare finger or one of the chord fingers of the
chord hand to gently flop on the strings like a
bar but with no squeeze. Try using both and see
which works best. You’ll probably find the spare
finger will work best for some chords while
using a chord finger will work best for other
Also try using the strumming hand and gently
lay it on the strings to stop them from ringing.
Make sure to do this gently so that you don’t
make another sound.