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Chords Leve l 2
Bandwa gon Mu s i c S t ud i o s
This part of the book looks at some new uses for
our old strum patterns, some new strums and
many strum techniques that will add more flavour
to your playing.
It’s very important that you immediately add
these tricks and flavours to your playing.
In level 1 you were taught a rigid system of
strumming, but in this level we’ll really want to
“break the shackles”. You’ll use these new
strums and tricks to make your strumming sound
more musical and interesting.
There will be few rules to follow. The main one is
to keep in time, and to also use the suitable
strum for the song. Apart from thee you should
be mixing and messing with all the strums and
tricks you are going to learn.
So far we have been rigid in the use of our
strums. We have used the same strum for each
bar – rock strum number 3 for whole bars and
two chords in the bar strum number 1 for two
chords in the one bar. Now to make our
strumming more fun to play and more
interesting to listen to we’ll vary strums. Use
the starting strum as a foundation and change
it. Add a strum here, leave a strum out there
or make a strum shorter or longer. Maybe
change the strum in the chorus or even change
it every bar. As long as the strumming is in
rhythm it won’t really matter how you vary a
Lets look at some examples of varying rock
strum number 3. Try some of your songs with
these variations. Remember you can vary from
bar to bar, from verse to chorus, or a bar here
and a bar there.
Rock Strum Number 3.
Rock Strum Number 3 – Variation (a).