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Chords Leve l 2
Bandwa gon Mu s i c S t ud i o s
Now that you know how to play the A shape and
how to name each fret do the following naming
exercises -
When using open or natural A (low A) you
should finger it as a bar chord i.e. use finger 3
squished over, or finger 3 squished over and
finger 4.
The exercises go as far as fret 12 A (high A)
but remember that you can keep going higher.
The names are still controlled by the alphabet.
Also the relative positions and names will be
the same as compared to natural A and fret 12
A. The chord 2 frets higher than either low or
high A will be B. The chord using the bar in the
first dot above low or high A will have the same
The aims here are to learn the chord names
and which fret they are in, and to change in
rhythm. Don’t be too worried about the sound
of the chords just yet – we will work on this
1. Play two bars each. Relax your chord hand for
the second bar. This is called ‘deadened chord’ and
will give your chord hand a chance to have a break
from squeezing.
2. “Cheat” between the chords by sliding early.
Keep the shape intact and slide to the next chord.
Because we are doing the second bar deadened this
will be easier. When playing normally you would
relax at the end of the old chord and slide early to
the new chord.
3. If you have an acoustic guitar then mostly play
up to F and back. G and A are too ‘squishy’.
If you have an electric guitar play up to high A and
4. Keep the bar for natural A. Though you don’t
need the bar to make the correct sound, it will
make it much easier to move between A and the
other bar chords.
(a) Start with natural E and name the "natural chords” (i.e. no sharps or flats) up and
down the fretboard -
A B C D E F G A G F E D C B A G F.
(b) Start with natural bar A (low A) and name the "natural chords” up to E at fret 7 -
A B C D E .
(c) Start with fret 12 A (high A) and name the "natural chords” back to D at fret 5 -
A G F E D.
(d) Play the common chords of low A, D, E, high A, E, D -
A D E A E D.
(e) Start with natural A and name the chords in each fret as you move up the guitar.
Name the “accidentals" as sharps -
A A# B C C# D D# E F F# G G# A.
(f) Start at fret 12 and name the chords in each fret as you move down the guitar.
Name the "accidentals” as flats -
A Ab G Gb F E Eb D Db C B Bb A.
(g) Start with natural A and name the chords in each fret as you move up the guitar.
Give both names for the "accidentals”.
A A#/Bb B C C#/Db D D#/Eb E F F#/Gb G G#/Ab A.
Once you are sure of these exercises move onto the next page.