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Chords Level 1
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c. D.S. al Coda.
This is a two part order.
This is the symbol you will see in the music.
Usually people will just call this the “S” sign.
Firstly you obey the D.S. , which sends you
from where you are to where the sign is. An
easy way to remember this is that you link the
two similar symbols together.
The word al basically means to obey. So al Coda
means to obey the To Coda. The coda is a section
of music to finish the song off. So you go from
where the To Coda is to the coda. Again link the
two similar symbols together.
In “Demo” you play the section after the second
time ending which ends with D.S al Coda
(at bar 36). From here you go to the sign
at bar 9 and play down to bar 20 where the
To Coda sends you to the coda at bar 37.
d. D.C.
This sends you from where you are to the
beginning of the song. Similar to
D.S. , but you must go to the beginning
instead of the sign.
e. al Fine.
Al Fine is used with either D.S. or D.C.
(Similar to the way al Coda was added to D.S.
and D.C.). This time after obeying the D.S. or
D.C. you play until you reach the word fine
which means to finish. Remember al means to
obey - so obey Fine and finish.