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Chords Level 1
Bandwagon Music Studios
We will be using a few different styles of written
music to learn our songs.
1. The chord chart.
These are the common way that guitarists learn
their songs. You have the chord names and the
2. Sheet music.
This system uses the traditional way to learn a
song. Sheet music can be used by all instruments.
1. The chord chart.
We use two different types of chord charts.
(a) The standard chord chart which shows the
words and chords above.
You can download millions of songs from the
internet in this format, but unfortunately
they are usually inaccurate and hard to
We go to a lot of trouble to modify these
chord charts to make them more accurate
and easier to follow.
Firstly the sections of the song are clearly
marked e.g.
The chords are placed over their correct
word, and we also mark in the bars.
The % symbol is used when you have to play
another bar of the same chord.
When there is more than one chord in the
bar they are shown with the bar lines.
| E A |
Here is an example of our song system –
Chorus to Eagle Rock.
A % G
Hey hey good old Eagle rock is here to stay
Bm D A E
I’m just crazy about the way we move doin’ the Eagle Rock
A % G
Whoh ho ho come on fast and you come on slow
D A | E A |
I’m just crazy about the way we move doin’ the Eagle Rock