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Chords Level 1
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Not so common - a few songs have these.
- a new set of chords. Obviously just before the chorus.
- a new set of chords. Obviously just before the verse.
Most times these sections are based on chord
patterns - a set of chords that will repeat itself.
Patterns are based on being either 4 bars long or
multiples of 4 bars. So there are 4 bar, 8 bar, 12
bar and 16 bar patterns. Even 32 bar patterns.
We would also include a 2 bar pattern seeing that
it is a half of 4.
The number of times we play these chord
patterns is also usually 4 or multiples of 4.
So for some reason most music revolves around
the magic number of 4!!
By studying songs for sections and patterns it
will make it easier to learn off by heart. Instead
of learning an entire song of 120 bars it may only
be 12 bars long and repeated 10 times. Another
song could be a typical verse - chorus song where
the verse is an 8 bar pattern (played twice to
build the verse) and the chorus is an 8 bar
pattern (played once to build the chorus). So the
song is really only 16 bars long.
Look at the “Basic Ingredients” of our song
charts to see the chord patterns.
Each new pattern has a number e.g. “Chord
Pattern 1”. Repeated patterns keep the same
number. Sometimes a pattern will be close in
chord sequence to another but will have a slight
change. In this case we will label them as the
same number but add a letter to show that it is a
variation to the pattern e.g. Pattern 1a would be
the first variation of pattern 1, while Pattern 1b
would be the second variation of pattern 1.