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Chords Level 1
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Most songs are divided into parts or sections.
These sections keep repeating throughout the
song – on each repeat we would be playing the
same chords.
The sections are usually given names like verse
and chorus. Other times these sections may be
given letter names e.g. A. B, C, etc.
The two most common sections are the verse and
chorus. Most songs are built around these two
sections. A lot of songs are only these two
sections. Then there are a HUGE number of
songs based on the verse and chorus with one or
two other sections added.
The chords of the verse and chorus are often
used for other jobs as well. The chords of one of
these will be used for the intro, the solo and the
ending. So there is lots of “mileage” out of these
two sections.
Not only will understanding song parts making
learning them easier but you can also have
fun re-arranging the sections to make a new
or longer version of a song.
A good example is if you are playing at a BBQ
or party and everyone is singing along with
one song. Rather than play the standard
format, stop and say lets do it again you
should extend the song by repeating verses,
choruses and intros. Maybe play these
repeats a bit differently – quieter or louder
than normal. By keeping it going you will keep
more people interested.
Here is a list and a short explanation of each
of the main sections that may occur in a song.
Most songs will not have all these sections in
their structure. Remember most songs will
mainly use verse and chorus with maybe a
middle section.
These sections are shown here in order of
common use.
Most common - basically every song has these.
here the words, chords and melody are the same.
the part of the song that uses the same melody and the
same chords but has different words.
Common - most songs have these.
usually the chords of the verse or chorus but with no singing.
the ending. Usually the chorus repeated.
usually the chords of the verse or chorus.
something different to add variety.