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Chords Level 1
Bandwagon Music Studios
Fast Song Strum 3.
Use the correct wrist movement. Miss on the
first up movement and also miss on the third
down movement. Again you must use the basic
wrist movement of continual down and up.
The tie is a curved line used to join two or more
notes. You only play the first note but let it ring
for the combined values of both notes that the
tie touches. The tie acts like a plus sign adding
the values of the two notes together e.g.
Here are some common 3/4 strums. The most commonly used strum is
A great hint for this strum pattern is to whisper the count 3 – shown as count 3 with the line through
2 & 3 & 4 &
Remember to count.
Remember to strum like a metronome.