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Chords Level 1
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Now that you have an understanding of counting
here are some common strum patterns for 4/4
and 3/4 . Practice these making sure to keep
proper time by counting and strumming as shown
for each strum.
You should accent (make louder) the first strum
of every bar. This will help to signal the beginning
of each bar so that you get the correct rhythm
of each time signature.
To help keep time you can tap your foot. The
foot movement will also help with your strum
movements. You strum down (towards the
floor) with the down movement of your foot
and strum up with the up movement of your
These are the symbols used to show down or
up strum directions. When the symbols are
shown as dotted lines this means to still make
the movement but miss the strings.
Down Strums
Up Strums
Here are some common 4/4 strums. Each strum
has its own sound and style, and is suitable for
different general types of music.