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Chords Level 1
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A finger group is a pattern or shape that two
or more fingers can make. No matter where you
put this shape it will always be the same.
Most of the chords that we are going to learn
can be broken down into these “finger groups”.
Think of these finger groups as the foundation
for the chords. Once you have the foundation
on then all you have to do is add one or
sometimes two more fingers.
So the twenty chords you have to learn are
based on two finger groups which will make the
chords easier to learn and also easier to move.
In fact it’s possible to play hundreds of chords
with the two common finger groups!
The first two finger groups we look at use
fingers 2 and 3 - your two middle fingers.
These finger groups will keep their same shape
no matter what chord they are used in. The
finger groups though will be on different
strings for each different chord.
Straight Finger Group of Fingers 2 and 3.
The first finger group has fingers 2 and 3 in the
same fret on two strings right beside each other.
Notice how they are both in fret 2 - the
most common fret we play this finger group
2 3
Remember to use your two middle fingers.
Finger 3 is CLOSEST
to the FLOOR.