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Chords Level 1
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2. Strumming Hand.
You strumming hand is the one that strikes the
strings to make them ring. When you hit the
strings with this hand it is called a strum or
strumming. You can strum the strings with your
thumb, a finger or a pick. Another name for a
pick is a plectrum.
The hand that we strum with is what we are
called. Right hand strummers are called right
hand guitarists. Left hand strummers are
called left hand guitarists.
Here are some pointers on how to set up your
strumming hand and arm.
Make sure that both your whole arm and
shoulder are relaxed and comfortable.
Set up your arm and shoulder so that your hand
will sit on top of the strings near the sound
hole or pick ups naturally. Your wrist should be
around the sixth string.
You shouldn’t have to stretch your hand back
up or stretch your hand down to reach the
Normally if you rest the top of your forearm on
the top of the guitar your arm will be in the
right place.
Some guitar players like to rest their little
finger on the guitar to help keep their
strumming hand steady. Other guitar players
feel comfortable leaving their strumming hand
hanging in mid air. You should try both ways and
find which suits you the best.
In the beginning we will use our thumb to
actually hit the strings. Later we will learn how
to use the pick.