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Chords Level 1
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1. Holding the Guitar.
Most of the time you will be practicing sitting
down so lets look at some helpful hints about
sitting and playing.
Of course try to sit comfortably. Sit up
reasonably straight so as not to get a sore back
too quickly.
Firstly rest the body of the guitar on the same
leg as what “handed” guitarist you are e.g. if
you are right handed then rest the guitar on
your right leg.
Use the curved part of the body of the guitar
to rest on your leg. This will stop the guitar
from sliding sideways off your leg.
You will also need to stop the guitar from
sliding off your leg towards the floor. Do this
by raising your knee so that it is higher than
your hip. Now the guitar will slide into your
body. You can raise your knee by putting your
feet on some sort of stool on the floor e.g.
telephone book or a box. Many people cross
their main leg over their other leg to get the
knee higher.
Tilt the guitar back towards your body a little
so that it easy to see what you are doing.
Both of these photos show the guitar on a raised leg so that the guitar will slide back
into the body – it won’t slide off the leg and become a nuisance.