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Chords Level 1
Bandwa g on Mu s i c S t ud i o s
Welcome to the first level of chord playing.
The aim for this level is to teach you how to be
a very competent basic chord player, and while
its focus is on the style of rock music, the skills
can be used in all styles of music.
Playing chords is the most common thing that
guitar players do. Guitarists play chords to
support the singer or someone playing another
instrument. A good example is buskers who play
chords while they sing.
There is a lot of information and many exercises
contained in this book. Take your time to move
slowly and surely through the book. Be sure to
read and understand all information, and to
master each and every exercise. The information
and exercises have been designed to give you a
rounded knowledge of guitar chords and an
introduction to proper technique. Complete
mastery of each page will pay big dividends to
your enjoyment of playing the guitar.
You will apply this knowledge and the technique
to only a few songs, which serve as examples for
many rock songs. For each song example there
are hundreds of thousands of other songs which
can be played using the same techniques. So the
mastery of a few songs will have a massive flow
on effect.
Good luck and remember to practice regularly
and well!!!!
How to Use this Book
The book has two main sections – chords and
strumming. It’s like having two books in one! As
well there is other information on the guitar
and some music theory.
The first section teaches you the chord shapes
and how to change between them. Here you’ll
be shown the easy way to place the fingers of
your chord hand to make many chords, as well
as many tricks to make changing between them
easier. For most of this section you will be
using a simple strum pattern of 4 strums per
The second half teaches you about rhythm in
music and strumming. In this section you’ll be
shown how the symbols of rhythm work, and
then shown some very common strum patterns.
Everyone will be different in how they like to
use all of this information, but here’s our
Start with the chord section which will be the
straight finger group first. Do the exercises;
learn the chords and practice the changing
drills all the time doing 4 strums per bar.
Remember to use the web site play alongs
which will make sure you are in count and is a
lot more fun.
Then start on the diagonal finger group doing
its exercises, chords and changes.
When you are about half way through the
diagonal finger group start on the rhythm in
music and strumming.
Then continue working through both sections in
1,2,3,4,5 7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,...97
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