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4. To Your Bass - Harmonic Method.
Tuning this way is similar to the string to string
method, but instead of using normal notes we use
To make a harmonic you lightly touch a string
directly above the fret metal and then pick it.
You can leave your finger on or take it off. The
touch should be so light that the string is not
pushed down. Harmonics only work at certain
places on the bass with frets 12, 7 and 5 being
the strongest.
Harmonics have two distinct advantages over
normal notes. Firstly, they have a clearer sound
and are therefore easier to tune with. Secondly,
once played you can take your note hand away and
the harmonic will still sound. This allows the two
strings to keep sounding while you move the
tuning peg to bring the out of tune string into
tune. With normal notes the fingered note would
be lost as soon as you moved your hand to the
tuning peg. Some people get around this problem
by using their picking hand to change the tuning
peg while leaving their note hand on the bass.
All pairs of strings use fret 5 and 7.
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