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Ba s s L ev e l 1
Ban dwa g on Mu s i c S t ud i o s
A scale is just a series of notes. They
start on the tonic note, play some notes in
between and then finish on the octave of
the tonic.
The most basic scale is the Major scale which
you've heard. It has the sound of
Do Re Me Fa So La Te Do.
There are many different types of scales, each
having their own flavour or colour or
characteristic. Some scales sound happy, some
sad, some scary, some ethnic. So scales are the
raw materials of music. You choose the scale that
will give you the desired effect you want.
The major scale gives us the colour of strong,
bright and happy. As a bass player you will use it
to create bass runs for major chords played by
guitarists and piano players.
Another scale is the 7th chord scale (or
Mixolydian mode) which gives music a darker and
bluesier feel. As a bass player you will use it to
create bass runs for 7th chords.
There is a selection of minor scales to choose
from. Work mostly on the minor pentatonic which
is used mainly in rock and blues music.
The scales are shown as patterns which you can
play off any tonic note. Also learn the sound of
each scale. Listen to the examples you play and
learn them by sound. This way when you listen to
a bass riff on a recording you'll be able to work it
out more easily.