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Ba s s L ev e l 1
Ban dwa g on Mu s i c S t ud i o s
In music different shapes of notes are used to
show different lengths of time.
Each shape has one thing in common - they all
mean to make a sound. So you have to pick each
time you see a note. Each different shape will
ring for a different length of time though. Some
will ring for a long time while others will ring for a
short time.
The different parts that can be used to make the
shape of a note are the –
  
The time signature tells us how many counts or
beats are in each bar of music. The time
signature is shown at the beginning of a song or
The most common time signature is 4/4 which
means there are 4 counts or beats in each
bar. 3/4 has 3 counts or beats in each bar.
- the round part which can be left uncoloured or coloured.
Can also be a “slash” shape which is used for guitar rhythms. Our examples will use a mixture of
normal head and slash head shapes.
- the stick part.
- the squiqqly bit that can go on the end of stems.
- tails can be joined to form a beam.
It doesn’t matter whether the stem is facing up or down - the note still has the same value.
Quite often it is just a matter of what looks good.