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Finger Method
This is the second method of picking. You still
use the same picking rhythms as you did with the
pick, though you use your thumb and fingers
instead of the pick.
There are several options when using your fingers
(a) Use only your thumb. Use it for both
up and down picking.
(b) Use only finger 1. Use it for both up
and down picking.
(c) Alternate between finger 1 and finger 2.
(d) Use your thumb and finger 1 as if you
were holding a pick.
(e) Alternate between your thumb and
finger 1.
When using your fingers try to keep your hand
still and use the knuckles to move them.
Movement of your thumb should be circular from
the hand with your thumb knuckle locked. The
first finger should move from the first knuckle
(nearest the hand). Move finger 1 in a straight
line in and out from your palm. Like you are
gesturing someone to come to you. You should not
lock your fingers and move from the wrist. The
wrist will have to move slightly though only to
position the hand over the correct strings if need
Again though for power you might lock the thumb
and fingers and pick from the wrist or elbow.
As in pick method, though this time it is your
fingers, don't let them dig past the strings. Skim
them across the top of the strings.
Lets look at the technique of slap and pop.
This is a common way to play bass especially in
funk styles of music. Flea from Red Hot Chili
Peppers uses slap and pop commonly.
To slap the string use your thumb. Keep the
thumb rigid and “roll” or “twist” your wrist so
that the thumb strikes the string. Aim to strike
the string with the side of your thumb using the
bone of your knuckle to give a crisp and clean hit.
Keep your thumb pointing straight up rather than
parallel to the strings. You will mostly slap on
strings 4 and 3.
Try slapping either (a) at the end of the
fingerboard or (b) near the bridge
To pop the string use finger 1. Keep finger 1 rigid
and hooked under the string. Then “roll” your
wrist away from the string so that finger 1 pops
the string. The string should be pulled so hard
that it slaps back against the fretboard of the
guitar. Popping is mostly done on the two higher
sounding strings.