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Ba s s L ev e l 1
Ban dwa g on Mu s i c S t ud i o s
Here are some hints on picking hand techniques.
Here are some main points to remember -
1. Make sure to pick the correct string.
2. Be sure to count to yourself as you play. This
will keep you in time. Some people like to tap
their foot to help keep in time.
3. Strike each string with the same force so that
no string sounds louder than any other.
4. Strike the strings with a straight down
towards the floor motion - don’t pick away from
the string towards the ceiling. This will help to
make each string sound as loud as the others.
Some people tend to pick in an angle away from
the strings making some strings sound louder
then others, sometimes even missing the higher
strings all together. Try to skim across the
5. Move like a metronome - think tic-toc. Then
you either hit the strings or miss the strings.
There are three methods of picking i.e. with the
pick, fingers only, pick and fingers. We will start
with the pick method.
Work through all the picking rhythms practising
these pick methods. Also try old and new songs
with each of the pick methods.
Pick Method.
Take note of these points -
1. Remember to hold the pick correctly i.e.
between the thumb and finger 1.
2. Don't dig the pick past the strings towards
the sound hole. The pick should be skimming
across the top of the strings.
3. Most picking is done with the wrist. Keep your
thumb and finger still and use the wrist to pick
with. Although there are times you might like to
pick using only the movement of the thumb and
finger 1 or for real thrash use the power of your
forearm and pick from the elbow.
4. Slightly lean or angle the pick into the
direction you are picking. With the pick on this
slight angle it will glide over the string more
easily. If you use the pick exactly straight
against the strings it often gets caught on the
string. For a down pick slightly angle the pick
down. For an up pick slightly angle the pick up.