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Ba s s L ev e l 1
Ban dwa g on Mu s i c S t ud i o s
Position is the term we use to describe
whereabouts on the guitar our note hand is
The position number will be the fret number that
finger 1 is in e.g. if finger 1 is in fret 4 then we
are playing in position 4.
When playing in position hold your hand still and
let your fingers play their proper fret. This one
finger per fret rule will let your note hand
fingers know whereabouts on the guitar they are
and you will know which finger to use for each
So instead of your fingers getting confused and
having no system for finding notes they have a
reference point to work from.
Once we are in a position each finger will have its
own fret to play –
Finger 1 will play the fret that is the position number fret.
Finger 2 will play the next fret to finger 1.
Finger 3 will play the next fret to finger 2.
Finger 4 will play the next fret to finger 3.
So if we are playing in position 4 then the fingers will play the following frets -
Finger 1 will play fret 4.
Finger 2 will play fret 5.
Finger 3 will play fret 6.
Finger 4 will play fret 7.