Chords 2 Introduction.

Welcome to the online area of our Chords 2
Guitar Book.

The skills in level 2 will make you an even
better busker / party style guitarist. In fact
you will become a super competent rhythm
guitarist. So if you want to join a band then
at the end of this level you can do it.

The main goals of this level are to learn
bar chords, "strum magic" which will add
loads of flair to your playing and bass chord

All the exercises here match up to what is in
your copy of the chords 2 book. You can either
use a print copy or the online copy.

By playing along with the exerciese here you will
learn quite a bit faster, plus it's  lot more fun!!

Use the menu in white above to navigate around
all the goodies in chords 1. You can also click on
the links in the eBook to be taken straight to the
right page.

The menu at the very top in blue has 3 options
of Student Resources, Musical Brain and Bandwagon
Home. You can read more about students resources
and musical brain on the gold member intro page.

Please read the goals and core songs
for this level -

Chords 2 Goals and Core Songs