Making Music

Making Music is mostly about having fun. It's an opportunity for students to perform in front of an audience. It gives students a goal for all that practice they’ve been doing and to also give them a little more incentive to practice.

It’s about getting on stage and showing off all that hard work. Doing it for yourself. Doing it for your family and friends. It’s an amazing feeling of satisfaction when you walk off stage after an awesome set. Performers get to play in a relaxed party atmosphere. Each performer does their best songs in front of a friendly and receptive audience.

You can perform on your own, in duos, in trios or bands. If you’re a singer who wants to use backing tracks you are welcome. We can also provide a guitarist to back you or even a full band if you like. Like to perform in a duo? Then you are also welcome.

Want to play in a band? Now you can – have fun playing songs with other guitarists, bass guitarists, drummers and singers. Be a part of the exciting music experience that comes from playing with other musicians. We’ll find your other band members. We supply nearly all the gear. 

For all ages. All styles welcome.  We book the venue. We organize the rehearsals. We do the lugging, set up and pull down. The focus is on FUN !! – at rehearsal and gigs.
Use of the fully equipped rehearsal room.

All you have to do is make music — the fun bit!! Making Music is also a good opportunity for new students to see what can be achieved with a little effort. So we encourage everyone  to come along and watch.

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There is a consultation / grading day where the coaches get to meet and greet new members. The coach will get to know your likes and skills. You will then be placed in a band of similar level and taste.

We have already created ‘typecast’ bands. Each of these typecast bands has a set song list. Each member gets to choose one song from the list. These songs will be given to each member – a CD and paper copy.

Then each member goes back to their private teacher and works on the songs. This is the part we call practice. It is imperative that students turn up to the first band rehearsal with the songs well practiced. There are no excuses as they have been taught the pieces, have an easy to follow chart as well as the CD to listen to.

Then there is the first band get together - we call this rehearsal. It is vital that each member has worked hard on their individual practice. This way the band rehearsal will be easy and smooth and fun.

The first rehearsal is held not too long after the pieces have been given out. Here any kinks are worked out, and then again it is up to band members to do their practice.

Then there are two polishing rehearsals – everybody knows their jobs and we get down to making it work spot on. Please keep remembering that ‘practice’ is a private thing while ‘rehearsal’ is a group thing.

The band rehearsals are held at Making Music headquarters in Kedron. Here there is a fully equipped band rehearsal room - a PA for the singers, amps for guitarists, an amp for the bassists and a drum kit for the drummers. (Please note we don’t provide guitars). Just walk in and play – no delays with setting up.

After all this practice and rehearsing we do a gig!! Bring your family and friends to witness your birth as a rock star. Just like our rehearsals it’s all arranged – the booking of the venue, the PA, the amps, the drums, etc. Remember also that the audience is a friendly one – they are all there to support people doing their hobby – so even though it can be a little nerve racking at least you are going to be supported.

Performers will pay a fee of $130.00 for Making Music.

For all performers this covers general admin and the performance which includes free admission for all family and friends.

For band performers it also covers all rehearsals. For soloist, duo, etc performers it also includes three private lessons.

Rehearsals will be : the weekends of Fri 15th to Sun 17th July, Fri 22nd to Sun 24th July, Fri 29th to Sun 31st July.

Please let us know if you have preferred days / times for rehearsals and the gig. There could also be occasional rehearsals during lesson times. Please book these rehearsal and gig dates NOW on your calendar. By having this much notice you can prepare yourself well.

Date: Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th August.

Where: Kedron AFL Club, 6th Av, Kedron.

When: starting at 12.00 on both days.

The performance days are broken into blocks of two hours each with a limited number of performers and songs per block. This will ensure a smooth running of the concert.

SESSION 1. 12.00 – 2.00 PM.

SESSION 2. 2.30 – 4.30 PM.

SESSION 3. 5.00 – 7.00 PM.

Please arrive early for your performance block so we can start playing on time. Performers are expected to stay for the whole block to watch and listen and support the other performers. You can stay longer if you wish.

Baked Beans Baked Beans (218 KB)

Black Mountain Black Mountain (252 KB)

Cortez Cortez (243 KB)

Heavy Load Heavy Load (237 KB)

Hippo Revolution Hippo Revolution (99 KB)

Jokers Wild Jokers Wild (271 KB)

Mind Over Matter Mind Over Matter (188 KB)

No Surrender No Surrender (249 KB)

Smashed Crabs Smashed Crabs (199 KB)

The Phantoms The Phantoms (227 KB)

The Trotters The Trotters (184 KB)

Tiaras On Their Feet Tiaras On Their Feet (140 KB)

Topless Dancer Topless Dancer (131 KB)

Urban Soul Urban Soul (310 KB)

Always wanted to get your students involved in performance? BUT were too busy, maybe you've only got a small number of students, didn't now how to do it, have only a few students interested, etc, etc.

Well lets us solve the problem for you.

The Making Music program takes away all the hassles of organising rehearsals and gigs, leaving you to get on with teaching. This is a great way to enhance your students skills and therefore give you reputation as a teacher.