Welcome to Bandwagon Music Studios

(All photos on the site are of our students at performances we run - no stock photos allowed!!)

Learn rock, pop, metal, blues, country and jazz styles - even on the ukulele. Learn to play from
dedicated and friendly teachers who take a real interest in your goals and dreams. We cater for
beginners right through to the more serious musicians. Our lessons work for all ages - kids, teenagers, young adults and not so young adults. 

Bandwagon Music Studios is a well-organized teaching school where the emphasis is on
learning how to actually play and understand your instrument.

We combine a perfect mix of fun and training so that you develop as a musician
while enjoying your music. Please view our service areas page if you are interested in taking guitar lessons.

The two main aims of Bandwagon Music Studios are :

  1. for you to choose songs that you would like to learn,
  2. and for you to really understand what you are learning.
To meet both these aims we use -

(1) a highly refined teaching method;
(2) our specially prepared booklets which are full of essential information and exercises written
     in an easy to understand manner;
(3) computer assisted lessons where songs or just sections of songs are slowed down to your
(4) use of our website which boasts over 900 web pages with over 420 play alongs.
      As well there are 9 web based PDF books with over 600 pages of information. And as
      well we have over 720 especially written song charts. And all the time these
      resources are growing!!
(5) a unique get together system where you get to play with other musicians in a relaxed 
     environment. We call this Mini Woodstock. Go to the Jamming to read more.
(6) another unique get together system but this time a bit more serious - called Making Music.
     You will be put into a band with people of a similar age, level and music taste.
     Then the band will rehearse and finally do a rock gig in front of an audience.

Above all our teachers are dedicated to helping students understand their instrument and music.

All the teachers have been trained how to use our unique teaching system. In fact several have come
through the course and are now teaching - so they know the ins and outs very well. The teachers also
have experience playing in bands, so they know what it takes to get playing and mixing with other musicians.

So you can learn those songs you like. Whatever they may be - old school, new school, blues, rock,
alternative, country, jazz, etc. We can easily find the music or even work out the song from a recording.

We are constantly updating and revising the library. Songs from all eras and styles are added on a regular basis.

The songs are presented in an easy to follow chord and lyric chart style. See the downloads page - song charts.
For those more intricate songs we make use of the TAB system.

A little word of warning - the play alongs, exercises and examples will
only work when you are using Internet Explorer on a Windows based computer.